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objects of consumption

Original models: plastic granola bag,

Tetra Pak milk carton, PET plastic strawberry container, styrofoam vegetable tray, PET plastic take-away sushi tray, paper and plastic lined yogurt cup. 

Cast: blended white and red earthenware ceramic. 

Glaze: lead-free transparent.

This project explores how objects of consumption are valued (or not).  Over time, industrial manufacturing 

has shaped our cultures' expectations of the qualities and accessibility of the products we use.   

Food packages are some of the most disposable objects we encounter day to day.  Here, they find new lives in the material of ceramic.   A handcraft technique is blended with the industrial process of slip-casting to produce these objects.  An experimental approach creates unpredictable results that challenge expectations and the perceived limitations of products. 


The blending of techniques, hints at human interaction, and moving away from predictable outcomes

in this work encourages designers and users to reshape their perceptions and values surrounding the objects we consume.

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