Each detail of vinho lamp, is designed and created by hand.  The wine is enjoyed, the bottle cut, the lamp base cast in ceramic, the wool and cork fitted, and the cord and switch installed. 


This lamp has a copper sparkle cord, copper socket, and light blue felted wool.


Vinho lamp is designed in a variety of color and light bulb combinations.  Custom orders are encouraged! Contact us to request a combination designed by you.  



vinho lamp - blue/copper

150,00 €Price
  • Each lamp base is cast in white earthenware ceramic and hand trimmed into a unique profile.  The ceramic is glazed in lead-free transparent and the interior is lined with cork fabric and felted wool.  Each lamp base is fitted with a hand-cut wind bottle.  The electrical cords are fabric vovered, and include an in-cord switch interrupter. 

    31cm tall (with bottle), base diameter: 8cm